Simon’s Town and Boulders Beach

Yesterday my roommate and I took a trip about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town to Simon’s Town, a small navy town in the Cape Peninsula. The town is quaint and the main road is lined with eclectic local shops and restaurants. The view of the mountains and False Bay is picturesque in every direction as you walk around Simon’s Town. There were also hundreds of sailboats in the harbor, elegant 19th century buildings, and stone stairways leading to hidden coffee shops. We happily spent a few hours exploring the town and stopping to eat a Sunday Roast at a small restaurant. We decided to stop at OneThreeSix because of the amazing lunch deal advertised on the chalk board outside (a full three course meal for R100, AKA less than $10 USD), but we were pleasantly surprised when we spent the entire meal raving about the delicious food. If you ever go to Simon’s Town, I would highly recommend stopping at OneThreeSix.

Although Simon’s Town was delightful, the most exciting part of the day took place just next to the town at Boulder’s Beach, where PENGUINS roam freely in their natural habitat. The African Penguin can only be found on the coast of South Africa, and yesterday I was able to hang out with them on a gorgeous beach.

P.S. Also we almost got attacked by a baboon on the street. He jumped over a wall five feet in front of us and started towards us. So we ran away screaming, and probably kept running a lot farther than we needed to. Below is a picture of the baboon (taken after we had run away a bit and before he came towards us and we had to run again). I would also recommend looking up a picture of a baboon on Google so that you can see their huge fangs and really understand how terrifying they are.


4 thoughts on “Simon’s Town and Boulders Beach

  1. Kenzie, great job again. even better than Simon himself could have done. That Baboon was scary. Love, Peepaw


  2. Kenzie, you write beautifully and with such great descriptions. Love the pictures and I am thrilled that you are taking time to explore! I wonder if those penguins migrate to Antarctica(?) or maybe that’s too cold. OMG, the baboon!! 😱 I have always heard they are basically mean to everyone, including other animals. Just a nasty disposition. Maybe you could get some pepper spray… you know… jussst in case. Can’t wait to see where you go next!!


  3. Seems like you are having a great experience. Your blog is fantastic. Grandpa and I look forward to reading more about your future adventures .


  4. Kenzie, I really love your WordPress blogging software! It does such an excellent job of consistently supporting your blog’s design, and I especially appreciate the way it offers us the option of downloading the full-size original version of each photo, so that if there is a photo that we really want to save, we can keep it in it’s uncompressed original full-size form.

    This is a very big deal because not only are you a really good “natural” at photography, but your iPhone 6S has an extraordinarily great camera in it! People are probably looking at your photos and assuming that you are using a full-size DSLR camera to shoot them! And I also love your naturally flowing “conversational” style of writing! Keep up the good work! (Absolutely NO bias here whatsoever…)


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