Lion’s Head at Sunrise and a stroll through Kirstenbosch Gardens

I am not a morning person. Ever. But on Sunday I powered through and woke up before 6AM to hike up Lion’s Head, a mountain between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Although waking up and starting a hike before dawn was rough, the view at the peak was definitely worth it. There were also two different paths that hikers can choose to take up the mountain, a lower intensity walking path or a steep climb using handholds up the side of the mountain. My roommate and I chose the climb, and it was definitely the most exciting hike I have been on.


After a delightful brunch in town (which included a chocolate milkshake and giant piece of cake) and a 3 hour nap, my roommate and I took a short Uber drive to Kirstenbosch Gardens, a world heritage site that is acclaimed for being one of the best botanical gardens in the world. At Kirstenbosch, visitors can stroll through gardens like the “Useful Plant Garden” or the “Fragrance Garden”, stroll through a sculpture garden, or walk along the tree canopy walkway.


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We ended the day with our first braai. A braai is a barbecue, usually with steaks and sausages, and they are very popular in South Africa. Friends come together with meat and drinks and cheers to food and friendship!


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