Rock Climbing at Silvermine

On Friday morning I headed to my job for what I expected to be another normal workday. At about 9AM my boss informed me that he would be leaving to go rock climbing with a visiting supplier at around 10:30, and asked if I would like to join. Determined to be open to lots of new experiences while in Cape Town, I eagerly accepted the offer and prepared to climb a mountain…

My boss, the supplier, a brewer from Port Elizabeth and I headed to the Silvermine Nature Reserve in Table Mountain National Park and started hiking to find a spot to climb. We settled on a beautiful ridge overlooking False Bay. We each rapelled down and proceeded to climb up two crags on the side of the mountain.

Having never been rock climbing before, either indoor or outside, it proved to be both a terrifying and awesome experience. Finding footing and hand holds on almost flat rock was difficult, my arms were tired and shaking when I reached the bottom, and while climbing up the second crag I lost my balance, swung around a rock, and slammed my back into the mountain. However, despite the huge, red welt on my back and the bruises and scratches covering my arms and legs, I have definitely caught the climbing bug. It was absolutely exhilarating to scale the side of a mountain, and being able to do it above the magnificent city of Cape Town made it even better.

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