Echo Valley and Boomslang Cave

On Friday I headed to Boyes Drive just above the Kalk Bay train station for a 3 hour hike through Echo Valley. The Echo Valley trail leads up to Boomslang Cave, a cave that cuts right through the mountain.

The hike to the cave was very steep and rocky, often requiring us to climb over boulders. The entrance to the cave on the Echo Valley side was a small opening in the rocks, only noticeable because of the graffiti surrounding it. After about 20 meters of crawling, the cave opened up to large caverns with plenty of room to stand and explore. Although we were surrounded by complete darkness, with our flashlights we could see the many bats hanging from the cave walls.

We ventured straight through the cave to the large opening on the other side. From that side of the mountain, we could overlook Fish Hoek, a coastal town on False Bay. The views were spectacular and well worth the sweat and mud covering our hands and pants. Although it is possible to hike down the mountain on the Fish Hoek side, we decided to crawl back through the cave one more time and climb down the Echo Valley side.

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