Bath, Stonehenge & the Cotswolds

On our third day in the UK, we ventured outside of London. We met our tour guide, Alex, at the Gloucester Road Station around 7:15 AM. From there we hopped on a bus and were on our way to Bath, a town about 2.5 hours drive from the city. Bath is famous for its hot springs and Georgian architecture. All of the buildings are built with bath stone, giving the city a very uniform pale yellow and cobblestone landscape.

We also toured the 2,000 year old Roman Baths that give the town its name.

Following a few hours of exploration of Bath, we continued driving through the beautiful English countryside to the small town of Lacock. Lacock is a popular town in the Cotswolds for tourists because of how well-preserved the town, which consists of only a few streets, has been kept. There are no telephone poles or wires in Lacock, and a few of the homes still have original thatched roofs. We stopped at the Red Lion for some English pub food.

Our last destination of the day was Stonehenge, where visitors are able to walk within feet of the famous stone circle. The massive stones were placed in a perfectly aligned, complex sundial thousands of years ago, before metal tools, or even wheels to transport the stones. Stonehenge took over 1500 years to build, and the question of why it exists still remains a mystery.

One thought on “Bath, Stonehenge & the Cotswolds

  1. So many unbelievable places that you guys visited! It must’ve just been an overwhelming few days in a row! So many great photos that you guys took so well, too! Thanks again for sharing all of this with all of us!


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