London Day 2

Due to transportation issues, our second day in London began with a failed attempt to attend the morning Song Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral (we took the bus in the wrong direction). Rather than rush to the last few minutes of the service, we cut our losses and decided to take a boat through “Little… Continue reading London Day 2

Cape Town Cuisine

Obesity is a well known problem in the U.S. and Americans are often criticized for our processed foods and overeating. Because of that, I had assumed that any other country I visited would serve tiny portions and locals would walk to the local market each morning to pick up fresh, unprocessed food for the day.… Continue reading Cape Town Cuisine

Cape Malay Cooking in Bo Kaap

I had been looking forward to visiting Bo Kaap to see the iconic colorful houses since arriving in Cape Town. Bo¬†Kaap, which translates to “Upper Cape” in Afrikaans, is situated on the slopes of Signal Hill just above the city center. Settled in the 1700s by Dutch colonists, the area is made up of brightly… Continue reading Cape Malay Cooking in Bo Kaap