Last Table Mountain Hike

On Sunday I climbed Table Mountain for the last time (that is, at least until I somehow make my way back to Cape Town in the future). I used the Platteklip Gorge trail, which is the most direct way up the mountain, but is also basically a giant, stone stairmaster. It took me a grueling… Continue reading Last Table Mountain Hike

Echo Valley and Boomslang Cave

On Friday I headed to Boyes Drive just above the Kalk Bay train station for a 3 hour hike through Echo Valley. The Echo Valley trail leads up to Boomslang Cave, a cave that cuts right through the mountain. The hike to the cave was very steep and rocky, often requiring us to climb over… Continue reading Echo Valley and Boomslang Cave

Rock Climbing at Silvermine

On Friday morning I headed to my job for what I expected to be another normal workday. At about 9AM my boss informed me that he would be leaving to go rock climbing with a visiting supplier at around 10:30, and asked if I would like to join. Determined to be open to lots of… Continue reading Rock Climbing at Silvermine


Last week I had the exciting opportunity to travel outside of the Western Cape to work on a collaboration beer with a brewery in Limpopo, a province in northern South Africa. My coworkers and I took a two hour flight to Johannesburg, followed by a five hour drive to Haenertsburg, a small mountain town of… Continue reading Limpopo

Devil’s Peak

When looking at a postcard of the Cape Town skyline, the normal picture from left to right is that of Devil’s Peak, followed by Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and then Signal Hill. On Saturday I climbed to the top of Devil’s Peak, the 1,000 meter mountain next to table mountain. In order to reach the… Continue reading Devil’s Peak

Cape of Good Hope

On Friday I visited Cape of Good Hope, also called Cape Point. Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope are what South Africans refer to as “same same, but different”. The two names are used interchangeably, but technically Cape Point refers to the top of a large hill where a historic light house sits, and… Continue reading Cape of Good Hope

Lion’s Head at Sunrise and a stroll through Kirstenbosch Gardens

I am not a morning person. Ever. But on Sunday I powered through and woke up before 6AM to hike up Lion’s Head, a mountain between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Although waking up and starting a hike before dawn was rough, the view at the peak was definitely worth it. There were also two… Continue reading Lion’s Head at Sunrise and a stroll through Kirstenbosch Gardens