London Pass

Upon our arrival in London, we were persuaded at the airport information desk to purchase 24-hour “London Passes” that cover admission to many of the city’s most famous attractions. Determined to make the passes worth their (appreciable) cost, we spent our last day in London cramming in as many typical tourist attractions as possible. We… Continue reading London Pass

London Day 2

Due to transportation issues, our second day in London began with a failed attempt to attend the morning Song Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral (we took the bus in the wrong direction). Rather than rush to the last few minutes of the service, we cut our losses and decided to take a boat through “Little… Continue reading London Day 2

Last Table Mountain Hike

On Sunday I climbed Table Mountain for the last time (that is, at least until I somehow make my way back to Cape Town in the future). I used the Platteklip Gorge trail, which is the most direct way up the mountain, but is also basically a giant, stone stairmaster. It took me a grueling… Continue reading Last Table Mountain Hike

The Garden Route

Last weekend my housemates and I took a trip along the garden route, a famous stretch of coastline on Route 62 between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The garden route is 300 kilometers of beautiful South African mountains, Karoo plains, vineyards, and game reserves littered with lots of little towns and attractions. Views from the… Continue reading The Garden Route